We live in a society that wants more. Our lives had always favored something that has more over something that has less. The term quality over quantity is often said but rarely applied. From how we judge certain things, we’d normally go for something that has more features, more affordable, contains more, more advanced, or anything that we can get more for less and we could have now. The way we live our lives show that we’d like to live a life where we’d have more than the people around us. That’s the reason why we’d like to live with the latest iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, a more expensive car than the most expensive car in the neighborhood, a bigger house than my rival, dine in a more expensive place than my boss, have a better looking partner than all my friends have, more stuff to brag about and a whole lot more. In fact, its more than we’d like to admit. I’ve lived with more and I’ve lived with less at certain points in my life and there are areas where having more would be great but with stuff and tasks it’s usually not a good idea. Its not your inability to have more that hinders you from pursuing the life you want its the fact that you have too much clutter in your life that you’re carrying you around that’s bothering you. Now there are a few options. You can either: a. Hire an army of slaves or find a way to control an army of slaves to take care of your clutter b. Buy or rent a place to keep your clutter - a less expensive option but real estate is still quite pricey. c. Lighten your load - the option I hope you’d pick.

Living lightly is not the easiest thing to do. Since you might be too attached to all the sentimental stuff you have or so. Living lightly makes you use your brain more, though not in a stressful way, more like in a fun puzzle problem solving way. Once you get all your life’s clutter out of the way your freer to do the things that matter to you. Here are fun things to live lighter while accomplishing what’s important: Keep things simple - This is the hard part. While it’s tempting to prepare every possible thing you think you could use before doing something, Don’t! It’s not worth it! Just go for what’s important. There’s usually just one or two things in a task and usually less than 5 important tasks in a key project. Try to use common words while keeping your sentences short when explaining. Email in less than 5 sentences. Simplify. Being complicated is a sign of lack of mastery. Do things manually - technology does not eliminate your job for you, it simply allows you to do more. Using tech does’nt get a task out of the way so you still spend time working on it or worse. Always try to eliminate a task before trying to solve it. It makes your life easier and it doesn’t waste your time. If it is not absolutely necessary, trash it. Then do what you have to do. Try to have less Use less tools Do one thing at a time disregard Stop after satisfied - wh ahave a tendency to keep pushing long after winning. Doing so can burn you out and you’ll lose energy/resources for the next campaign complete or forget. be thankful

Thank you for reading.

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