I have a friend that I share all my problems with.

I love that in our conversations, we get to fully explore the thoughts.

I’m provided with another perspective and it’s a fun experience overall.

Unfortunately, in the matters of business, career, or anything practical, what usually happens is that we just discuss things.

There are times when I’m frustrated with my lack of progress.

One day, I finally had an answer.

Instead of ending the conversation with…

That’s something to consider or think about.

Just end it with the question.

What am I trying this week?

It shifts my focus from thinking and feeling, to doing.

And that’s all that matters to me.

Action is a better way to experience life.

I make some mistakes but I regret more things that I didn’t do than things I did do but failed.

Less thinking and feeling and more doing.

Thank you for reading.

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