I decided to take on blogger Dave Bruno’s 100 thing challenge as part of my minimal changes for a minimalist lifestyle program. This is the first list I’m publishing and at the time of this writing I wasn’t able to tag everything yet but the good thing is that it’s a start. I’ll try to update later on as soon as I get to less than 100 things. As I eliminate my stuff I tagged the items I wanted to keep and here’s my inventory.
  1. Bible
  2. Mobile Phone Sony Ericsson t303
  3. MP3 USB Player
  4. Brown Notepad Binder
  5. Light Messenger Bag Black
  6. Small Messenger Bag Black
  7. Medium Backpack Black
  8. Medium Travel Bag
  9. Starbucks Tumbler
  10. Black Umbrella
  11. Mechanical Pencil
  12. Pen
  13. Black Slacks Plain
  14. Black Slacks Plain
  15. Black Slacks Striped
  16. Black Cargo Pants
  17. Black Jeans
  18. Dark Blue Jeans
  19. Light Blue Jeans
  20. Khaki Cargo Shorts
  21. Black Leather Shoes
  22. Brown Havianas Slippers
  23. Red Converse Sneakers
  24. Red Shirt Collared
  25. Black and Orange Collared Shirt
  26. Black and Orange Collared Shirt
  27. Blue Collared Shirt
  28. Green Collared Shirt
  29. Red shirt
  30. Dark blue shirt
  31. Light Green Shirt
  32. Maroon Shirt
  33. White Shirt
  34. V-Necked plain white shirt
  35. V-Necked plain white shirt
  36. V-Necked plain white shirt
  37. V-Necked plain white shirt
  38. V-Necked plain white shirt
  39. V-Necked plain white shirt
  40. Blue Dress shirt plain
  41. Blue Dress shirt
  42. Blue Dress shirt with thin white stripes
  43. Blue Dress shirt with white stripes
  44. Black Dress shirt
  45. Black Dress Shirt with brown stripes
  46. Gray Dress shirt
  47. Gray Dress shirt
  48. Gray Dress shirt
  49. Gray Dress shirt (Dark)
  50. White and Gray Dress Shirt
  51. Dark Purple Dress shirt
  52. White Dress shirt plain
  53. White Dress Shirt with Gray Stripes
  54. White Towel
  55. Blue Green Towel
  56. Green Towel
  57. Bed-actually just a mattress
  58. Pillow Large
  59. Pillow Medium
  60. Small pillow
  61. Small Pillow
  62. Bed sheet Tan
  63. Bed sheet Gray
  64. Lunch box small
  65. Lunch box small
  66. Lunch box small
  67. Rice Cooker
  68. Large Wok
  69. Flat Iron
  70. Soap
  71. Face Wash
  72. Toner
  73. Toothpaste
  74. Toothbrush
  75. Deodorant

Thank you for reading.

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