When I was in gradeschool field trips were the worst parts of the year. The day before we’d buy all the food I wanted to bring. At night I’d pack all the toys and comic books and magazines that I wanted to bring. Come morning a great fight ensues at home. I wanted to fill my biggest backpack with all my stuff and my mom wanted to stop me. I couldn’t recall properly but this happened from first to 6th grade. At that time my mom’s advice didn’t make sense to me.

The advice was** “You need to pack light, forget about your toys and stuff, you’re out there to enjoy yourself where you’re going and what you’re going to bring with you will weigh you down and you’ll miss out on where you are”**

A grade school kid couldn’t understand. At that time all i did was to bring my toys and compare with my classmates which brought a cooler collection. I didn’t seem to outgrow my mindset until about a year ago.

I’ve always collected toys in one form of another. I’d buy nice things for the purpose of showing off. I bought a lot of stuff and i brought a lot of stuff with me. I’ve always wanted to impress others.

Looking back I don’t see any problem with wanting to look good. The problem, the way I see it is bringing a lot of stuff.

When I became a minimalist I realized that as I had less stuff I was able to pay more attention on what I am doing. The less I had, the better my experience.

Have you ever felt that you’re missing out because you’re stuff is distracting you from experiencing your life fully? Having all that stuff is pretty much of a hassle. Your toy has weight. You have to pay for it. You have to carry it around. You have to take care of it. You have to protect it. Its a bummer if you lose it. I’m not saying there’s something wrong with having stuff. If you want it just go ahead and if it serves you it serves you. If you serve it then ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Which would you rather have?

Be known for having the most toys?


Know for yourself that you experienced your life fully because you were paying attention to life and not stuff?

Just take your pick.

Thank you for reading.

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