I noticed that some days I really enjoy my life and some days I really hate my life. I encounter problems and often I solve it myself or with help. Sometimes I leave the problem alone and it goes away.

We all have this internal dialogue where we talk to ourselves where we analyze and judge our situation. Sometimes this inner voice is helpful. Sometimes it’s not helpful. 

I learned from Tony Robbins that “**The quality of the results that you have in your life is influenced by the quality of questions that you ask yourself on a regular basis. **”

That said, teaching that inner voice some questions can improve how you deal with a situation and possibly some results. 

Here are some questions I came up with and have used in the past and hope to use more often.

 - What can I do to improve the situation?

 - What’s an alternative approach to this problem?

 - How can I solve this problem?

 - What am I doing incorrectly? How do I fix it?

 - What am I not doing but should be doing?

 - Are there people who have overcome my situation despite limitations? What strategies have they employed that I haven’t tested yet?

UPDATE: here are more questions.

  • was faithful with my finances? What happened?
  • what area am I faithful in?
  • did I practice compassion? What happened?
  • what are the top two things causing my happiness this week?
  • what are the top two things causing my unhappiness this week?
  • what area of my life did I notice that I neglect?
  • what better question should I be asking?

How to use the questions.

  1. Notice that your brain is judging a situation and may be in blame, justify or complain mode which are not helpful mental states. 
  2. Gently guide your mind to begin asking questions from the list.Use a pen and paper if necessary.
  3. My brain gets more objective with paper. 

Thank you for reading.

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