Some people are effective at setting and achieving goals. Some people became more productive by abandoning the obsession with goals completely. I recently tried both approaches to my life recently and I found out that both works well.

I’m currently leaning toward the becoming more productive by abandoning the obsession with goals.

Here’s why. With the goal and plan obsessed culture you:

  1. Set big hairy audacious goals.
  2. Write them down.
  3. Visualize them in the positive way of the present state.
  4. Define opportunities to look for that helps you achieve your goals and plans.
  5. Read books and blogs, attend seminars and get mentored in order to achieve your goals. 6, Keep your goal public to motivate yourself.
  6. Motivate yourself everyday by thinking of reasons why you need to achieve your goals. ETC and blah.

I’m sure there are more steps other people take.

Total time to setup setting goals and plans=unknown/variable.

But I can imagine it to be quite a lot if you used a lot of time on a goal setting and planning.

Here’s the advantage of the alternative:

  1. You are more open to opportunities and change because you are paying more attention to your present rather than your goals and plans.
  2. No setup time required and you get to act sooner.
  3. More confidence because you don’t have to lie to yourself or pretend to be something you’re not often.
  4. You live a freer life because you don’t spend too much time on promises and just on actions.
  5. Less worry about your goals and plans you setup but don’t feel like completing.
  6. You get to just do it.

Thank you for reading.

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