I started a blog to be a better person. I’m inspired by the fact that people I care about enjoy what I wrote. On this blog I left notes to myself and tried to sort my ideas. As a result I understand myself more and I am able to track my progress as I grow. 

All the mistakes I experienced and the pain these past years grew me and have led me to believe that eventually everything in our lives move forward.

I’m pleased by the fact that I named my blog minimal change and I’m excited to share the next set of lessons that I learned.

After the minimalist lifestyle experiments that I did behind the scenes here are some lessons that I learned during the past year.

Murphys law. Shit will happen.  Prepare for it then be optimistic. Learn how to take a hit so you don’t fear what comes then learn to dodge so you can minimize the damage.

Transfer.  Skills and success principles are transferable. If you are stuck with learning a skill learn a totally different skill to increase your understanding. Bored with the Bible? Understand Barney Stinson and Naruto to understand some of the complex terms and appreciate it better. Out of business ideas? Watch Gordon Ramsay tell aspiring successful restaurant owners what they need to hear and see if you can pick up something valuable. My best lessons come from unexpected sources learn to identify important principles and use it to understand what doesn’t make sense. Jesus used parables. Find parables to use on yourself to make complicated ideas make sense to you. 

Crafting.  Putting things together to create something more valuable than the individual parts. I used to be afraid that if I don’t become a millionaire I’ll die of depression and starvation. Turns out I can craft a millionaires lifestyle without a million bucks just as restaurants can craft beautiful meals from fresh ingredients and charge maybe an arm or a leg. Learning to craft allows you to multiply the value of what you have on hand.

Inevitability. Success is inevitable.  Chances are you don’t get it exactly the way you will want it in terms of packaging and schedule but you will get what you want. After a year if giving up in frustration or something like that. If you want something enough you’ll stay in the right direction despite giving up so you’ll get it anyway. God’s will is good pleasing and perfect and gives you the fruits at the right reason your job is to plant despite the pests and the storms. Keep going. Be patient. As Barney Stinson always says “it’s going to be Legen… Wait for it… Not enough build up… Darrry !!! Legendary!!!”

Value of underperforming.  Small steps in the right direction is better than fast but unpredictable movement. Speed will pick up with mastery. The minimum effective dose ensures consistent progress. I started going to the gym for 30 minutes a week and built up from that. I’m really satisfied by the fact that I’ve been going consistently for months since I started. Breakdowns and burn outs are a result of applying too much pressure on weak points. For skills it’s doing too many tasks you haven’t master3s yet, too soon. Small slow changes are permanent. Fast ones are cancelation prone. If you want a sure thing go slowly. In martial arts the form is practiced slowly and should be perfect then you add speed and power.

Techniques. Not all are useful. Don’t be afraid to ditch what doesn’t work. Don’t the right things then do things right and then simplify. Don’t worship heroes. Consider mentors as senior practitioners. They are people to learn from and people to eventually surpass.

Reality. There’s a good chance you’ll die sooner than expected. There a good chance someone you care about will too. Whatever it is that you’d like to try don’t wait until it’s too late. Otherwise your last though on this planet will be regret. Don’t forget to be grateful and appreciate the beautiful everything you encounter in life. Whether it suits your preferences or not, it is perfect. You don’t have to take it just appreciate it. Accept what happens as reality. Accept your limitations and move forward with what you learned from the experience. Accept, appreciate then move forward.

Thank you for reading.

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