a shinobi's strength comes out when protecting someone precious to them -Haku

As you’ve seen in the previous post, I lost someone very important. Sometimes I feel like God abandoned me because of the pain. Despite that, His presence is too obvious to deny. Persistence is my favorite word since I was a kid. During my working years it evolved into perseverance which roughly means the same. I’m not too smart nor fast or strong but I know that I can take a lot of punishment and not quit.

I jokingly say that God believes I’m strong so he sends me extra large problems.

I surrender the problem to Him but I never surrender on Him.

The past few months have shown me more miracles than I’ve seen in my lifetime. There’s one big miracle I’d like to get and if it would please Him to make it happen I’d like to have it as soon as possible. For now it doesn’t make sense in terms of timing and if it should happen, it should do so without my intervention. Should God grant it, it would be obvious that it isn’t by my power.

God has never let me down. The plot twists of what He has written for my story has so far kept me at the edge of my seat. As I hold my breath for tomorrows episode, I can’t but feel excitement, wondering about the next story arc or who will be the recurring characters. More importantly, I better get back to thinking about how to get back in sync with His script.

Don’t worry. I won’t be depressed for long. :)

Thank you for reading.

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