I’m so happy that I finally began to earn money directly from my writing.

Instead of having a couple of clients to hire me to write for their website, I now have several dozens of clients who pay me a small amount to consistently write for them.

I write about good habits that I formed over the years that helped me advance my career.

This has placed a lot of pressure on my writing.

I am now pressured to keep many readers satisfied.

And since the responsibility is directly on me now…

I’m beginning to experience more mental blocks.

I find myself stuck more often.

I later discovered that alternating from my focus topic into a topic that I enjoy exploring gives me an opportunity to breathe.

The breath gives me fresh ideas.

So when I’m not writing professionally, I write for my own enjoyment.

Whenever I’m stuck I go back to personal writing and after completing a couple of articles that I’m proud of, I now have the momentum to write about my work.

You can make it a part of your schedule to do creative writing and drawing just for yourself.

Have fun, relax and go back to your work after your break.

Thank you for reading.

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