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Tools are just tools. Whether you use them or not tools are tools. Tools are only valuable if you use them. If you own a tool that you don’t use get rid of it. If you own a tool that you need to use and you’re not using it you’re putting it to waste.

They say tools are temporary and they say skills are permanent. The similarity between tools and skills is that they are only useful when used.

We need to learn to maximize our tools. Most people (myself included) try to jump from one area to another hoping to acquire better tools for a better pay.

What if you take you have and attempt to become world famous in a certain niche? It would take a bit of foresight but imagine the possibility if you’re the best recruitment account manager in the world? What if you’re the best insurance person in the 50-60 age group? What if you’re the best financial planner that best understands how to be financially free before 30? What if you’re the best supplier of whatever it is that you offer?

What if you focus on one small thing that you offer and become the best at what you do doing it?

Apple didn’t sell to everyone. They’re smart. I bet you’re smart too. You don’t need to be the best when you start. You just improve things bit by bit. That’s why my site is called minimal changes. Small things done everyday to improve anything is called excellence.

If you’ve seen the book, sell anything to anyone, they lied. You just can’t. You have to sell the right thing to the right person.

What do you have?

Where will it take you if you work on it?

You already have tools. What will you do about it?

Thank you for reading.

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