Collect a spreadsheet of dead people in your contact database.

It’s like having a private cemetery for treasured people who are long gone.

You can keep a list.

You can add details like birthdays and death anniversary.

Mine is just a simple list but I’m thinking of adding more info as time goes by.

I’m considering adding links to an online photo album.

I’ll place some reminders to my calendar but this will contain the master list of people.

What can you do with a digital cemetery?

Pray for the people in your list.

Celebrate their life.

Remember life lessons you picked up.

Remember the kindness that you received.

Remember how these people have blessed you.

Feel gratitude that you and other loved ones are still alive.

Opportunity to write about your past.

Opportunity to reflect on how you’ve lived your life.

Opportunity to adjust your future direction based on your reflection.


When you hit thirty, more and more people close to you pass away.

I suspect this why I feel immortal and have all the time in the world in my teens and early twenties.

When you hit thirty five the number seems to have dramatically increases.

It seems death activated his AOE skill.

I used to argue with people that they don’t value time with loved ones because they haven’t experienced death.

I reflect that when you hit my age, death will happen all around you in increasing frequency.

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