Yesterday was a slow and exhausting day for me. Slow because nothing was happening an exhausting because I seem to put in more effort today than I should. I’ve cleaned up my routine to the point where I’m able to get the important things done, effortlessly. Yesterday didn’t go as great as I normally would. I’m now writing a post on minimal changes everyday and at least in each of my other blogs. I wasn’t able to do that much and I feel even more sluggish as I attempt to be more productive.

I started the day incorrectly. I started with email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, reading, and mom’s watching the news, which led me I listen to an even more depressing political video. That’s when I felt like not working.

I realized that I was putting the wrong things first.

I write this post to remind myself that going online on facebook or reading articles or email. first thing in the morning makes my day crappy.

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed doing and should be focusing on doing in this order:

  1. Pray and read the Bible
  2. Write posts for my blogs.
  3. Edit or Delete Previous Writing to create better posts.

I’m working on helping some friends find work in a call center. I’m also considering doing it part-time while I’m on vacation. Feel free to check out Call Center Training Tips for more info.

Thank you for reading.

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