Light eating Dark clouds What do you do now that you have a clean slate?

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Minimalism has several advantages. It makes your journey more enjoyable because you take things slower and that you carry a lighter load. It allows room for opportunities you care about because your time and effort are no longer spent on unnecessary ventures and pursuits.

The top benefits why a lot of people adapt or pursue a minimalist lifestyle is free space, spare time, and extra cash, along with efficiency, goal achievement and less stress.

The major disadvantage I see is that sometimes people make minimalism their life’s pursuit. An empty and meaningless life is an empty and meaningless life no matter how you look at it. Its sad to see that several people upon reaching extreme minimalism had gone on to a state of emptiness and meaninglessness which did them more harm than good. Overstaying in extreme minimalism or going into wrong pursuits after getting your freedom will end to your disadvantage.

If minimalism is a tool for you with the end result is just selfishly pleasing yourself then the result is not so different from following extreme consumerism.

The superhero I disliked the most is Peter Parker also known as Spiderman because of he said that with great power comes great responsibility. Spiderman is not really the type like Wolverine or Spawn or Blade who are so awesome they can kick ass whenever they like. Spiderman has to do the right thing and ends up doing it even if its inconvenient for him. Later in life I learned that this is true and the same principle applies to freedom as well. There is nothing wrong in going for freedom. I believe that it’s a noble pursuit. I just want to remind you to follow what truly matters.

Remember when you considered a minimalist lifestyle to get all the junk off your back so you could focus on what is really important? What is really important you you? Is it your pursuit? Is it your activities? Is it your job? Is it your business? Is it your cause? Is it your religion? Is it your passion? Is it your stuff?

If minimalism is more important to you than anything else then you have missed the point. Think long and hard and write a long list. Then pick a short list and focus on that. How do you separate items on the long list from the short list? Consider this. If you knew that God was giving you a one way ride off the planet tomorrow, I doubt you would want to spend the time to empty your mind or do yoga or follow your pleasures. Only the important matters. When you opted for a minimalist lifestyle in favor of a consumerist one I can guess that it was a time when you realized that your priorities were screwed up because you realized that your focus and energy did not match what truly matters. What truly matters? Unfortunately I can’t tell you. We are all unique and we all have a different purpose. That you would have to find out on your own.

I want to leave you with these short lessons to think about. Pick one that applies to your life and let me know what changes happened this week.

  • Minimalism is a means to get less unimportant things done and accomplish more of what matters
  • Extreme minimalism is just as bad as extreme consumerism
  • Do not let pleasures rob you of what truly matters
  • If you are faithful with the small things you will be capable of handling great things.
  • Live a life you want others to live
  • With great power comes great responsibility
  • Don’t be anal with your message. An ass in the face is repulsive no matter who it belongs to.

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