I receive many messages from my readers.

Some of my readers complain about not having money.

I’ll teach you an activity to help you earn more money today.

I have friends who can upgrade to the latest gadgets every year because of this skill.

I’ve tested this skill for over ten years, and it works.

You can make money online.

You can convert your clutter into cash.

You can, to some extent, refund all the purchases that you regret.


I recommend that you start selling items that you own that are cluttering your home.

1. Make a list of all the items that you own.

I recommend starting this list with paper.

Put all your items on the list.

It doesn’t matter how small it is.

2. Organize your items into categories.

Put clothes together.

Put your gadgets together.

Put your personal items together.

Combine these items on a computerized list.

I recommend using Google Docs or Google spreadsheets.

Include the value of the item.

If you bought an item for ₱1,000, just put ₱1,000.

I’ll teach you how to price your items later.

3. Snap some photos of your item.

Take two or three photos of each item.

Remember to take photos in good lighting.

Steps 1 to three will help improve your organizational skills.

4. Write a description for all of your items.

This activity is the most important step.

This step will enhance your communication and sales skills.

Write a story about how you got the product.

Write about what you like about the product.

Write about what you don’t like about the product.

Write about issues.

Write about your solutions to the issues.

Write about the uses of the product despite the issues.

Write about how you can enjoy the product despite the issues and limitations.

Write a perfect situation for people who will use this product.

This step may be time-consuming but worth it.

Developing your communication and sales skills in low-stakes practice will help you build your skill of earning money.

Yes, earning money is a separate skill.

5. Post your items.

Remember that you can always say no to bad deals.

Say no to low-ballers.

Say yes to good people.

It’s always a good idea to transact with good people.

I’ve met several good people by buying and selling items in the second-hand marketplace.

I’ve learned some skills and insider tips from generous buyers and sellers.

6. Pricing guidelines.

I follow specific rules for items that I want to keep and items that I don’t want to keep.

For items that you want to sell, it’s important to look at market value.

How much are people selling used shirts?

How much are people selling the second-hand iPhone 6?

Compare prices and decide how much you want to sell the item for.

I just forced you to inventory and then sell all your belongings online.

You don’t have to sell everything.

The goal is to develop your sales and communication skills, and 90% of the time, people don’t buy anyway.

That said, here are some rules for pricing items that you don’t really want to sell and items you want to quickly get rid of.


Sell the item cheap if you want to get rid of the item fast.

I often look at Carousell or FB marketplace and check similar items.

If I want to get rid of the item, I look for the cheapest item on the list and subtract ₱50, ₱100, ₱500, or ₱1,000 depending on what I’m selling.

If an item that I’m selling costs less than ₱500, I subtract ₱50 from the price of the cheapest post that I find.

If an item that I’m selling costs around ₱1,000 to ₱5,000, I subtract ₱100 from the price of the cheapest post that I find.

If an item that I’m selling costs over ₱10,000, I consider subtracting ₱500 or ₱1,000 from the price of the cheapest post that I find.

I use this strategy to sell my items fast.


I still post the item.

I take this opportunity to practice my writing and sales skills.

If an item can be repurchased easily, I post the item for double the price.

If an item can be repurchased with some challenge, I post the item thrice or four times the price.

You’re in charge of how much you want to sell the item for.

Remember, the goal of this activity is to enhance your communication skills and sales skills.

This activity will help you start your journey by earning money online.

I look forward to you earning your first ₱100,000 selling online.

Let me know your thoughts and questions.

Thank you for reading.

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