Despite calling myself an idiot many times, I am pretty fucking smart.

Whenever I receive a negative comment or criticism from a person I respect or a family member, I turn off my brain and accept what they say as gospel truth.

I misinterpreted the honor thy parents commandment thinking that I should never argue and at the same time turn off my bullshit filter.

My parents are human.

I’m as divine as they are.

Other than God, nobody is higher than me.

Here’s the thing..,

Whenever I view Kevin Olega as a player character of my favorite game, my mind becomes objective, logical, passionate, strategic and boosted by a large collection of positive traits.

It’s godmode on for me.

I have also collected a library of lessons from people who have what I want whether in fitness, wealth, productivity, spirituality and so on.

My current challenge is implementation and information overload more than anything.

Instead of reading and new lessons, I prefer self-reflection, experimentation and documentation as a way of self-education.

When you’ve gone through school and read several books, and surrounded yourself with smart friends, chances are, you already know what to do to improve your life.

There’s also a good chance that you don’t need to add anything to improve your life.

So in this post, I’m not really going to teach you anything new.

I’m only going to shift your attention into a process that you already do and remind you to do it more often.

One factor that you might consider is the sequence of your priorities.

I’ll give you a few examples from my experience to help you see what I’m trying to communicate.

Kevin Olega of 2007

This was my greedy state. Prior to my exposure to minimalism and focusing of my resources.

  1. Make a lot of money and retire early.
  2. Marry the girl.
  3. Buy supplements to compensate.

I failed. This is a plan that’s high risk with lots of downsides. I quit my sales career because of this. It clearly doesn’t work. I got fat, lazy, hated my job, and accumulated bad habits that I’m still struggling to correct today.

Kevin Olega of 2014

Despite my exposure to minimalism and focus and the 80/20 rule, I am still depending on willpower to get things done.

  1. Make money.
  2. Overcome depression.
  3. Find a partner.

Despite the intentions, none of these worked out this year.

Kevin Olega of 2015

This is the year I encountered the wisdom that my mental state is a reflaction of my physical state just as the opposite is also true. Trying to force the body with the mind is inefficient. Taking care of the body enabled me to relieve the mind and eventually made progress.

  1. Improve posture, breathing, smile, nutrition and exercise.
  2. Focus on the day. We always hear do not worry about tomorrow. Whenever I focus on the present, I kick ass and whenever I do so consistently, I get shit done. I previously spent too much time thinking about the future. I should stop thinking about, when we hit this point, I should enjoy (insert fantasy) I’m just lying to myself.
  3. Purchase the tools needed to work from home. My boss left the company I was working for and I discovered she works from home and got a significant pay increase.

Kevin Olega of 2016

  1. Eliminate Commute. I lost my newly purchased iPhone a year ago. I’m still hurt over the event. I asked my boss for a two month leave and during my leave, I started taking part time work and eventually started receiving an income. I then left my call center job to work from home.
  2. Make Money. Money is a bit of a challenge as a free lancer. My early targets were, to pay the internet bill, to pay for dates and to live comfortably. I got all three.
  3. Get healthy. I started eating better and signed up for CrossFit again.

Did you notice from how I arranged it, I stated to succeed in what I’m trying to do?

Kevin Olega of 2017

  1. Healthy body (Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition)
  2. Healthy mind (prayer, meditation, affirmation, positive input, empty space, compassion and happines)
  3. Integrity (discipline in the small things)
  4. Financial Targets.

One and two are designed to make three and eventually four effortless.

You can correct the sequence and of your priorities and without adding anything improve your life.

As long as I stay consistent with my pace, I’m good.

Rushing leads to unnecessary mistakes.

90% of my success is a result of slowing down.

Attempting to rush messes up the sequence.

If you can rearrage your priorities to get the life you want, what would you change?

What are your thoughts?

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