I’m left-handed.

But because I was a Bruce Lee fan growing up, I practiced predominantly in the orthodox stance.

My left hand is my lead hand.

My right hand has become my lead hand.

Bruce Lee did say that your stronger hand should be doing 80-90% of the work.

I came across a video of retired MMA fighter and fight commentator Ramsay Dewey.

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He did say that the philosophy of putting your power hand forward is based on fencing.

Boxing and Kickboxing are very much like a sword and shield combat.

Your power hand will function as a spear.

Your off-hand will function as a shield.

And your shield is not just a defensive weapon.

You can jab with your shield.

You use your shield to position yourself in a way that you can impale your opponent with your spear.

The full explanation made sense to me.

So moving forward, I’ll practice in the southpaw stance.

Now I have to think about my kicks because I’ve had more experience with the orthodox stance that my right leg has a stronger kick.

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