Small things lead to a forward progression and influences discipline and confidence which eventually contributes to the accomplishment of your goals.

I often get excited about new goals like a gadget, a venture, a travel destination, a new hobby or skill I can learn and as a result I get distracted and lose track of the small things.

The small things made me confident, effective and successful in what I do. Doing the opposite led to painful failure.

Faith without action is seas. If I’m not doing the activities that lead me to achievement, I will eventually lose confidence and my ability to get things done.

Embarrassingly I’ve been off track in the past few months. The past few weeks had been devoted to getting things in control.

I’d like to share with you the little things I’m working on. **Cash **a steady build up as a result of spending as little as possible and allocating what u have properly whether in an abundance or in lack. **Bible **reading and writing down the days lesson empowers me to make the right situations and avoid panicking. **Exercise **everyday a simple body weight workout and or a short jog will contribute to endurance. **Do **the most important one or two things today as early as possible. **Document **what you accomplished today, what you learned, much you spent, your progress and your thoughts.

I hope it all helps. A ninja endures difficult situations to accomplish his mission. If you overcome your impatience success will be accomplished by the slow boring and small things.

Little by little. One step at a time. Be faithful with the small things.

Thank you for reading.

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