I noticed that I haven’t been working out for a few days.

I’m in a very fortunate spot because I already purchased all the fitness gear that I want to use.

I can do pullups, and most barbell lifts with my gear.

Despite that, I haven’t been working out.

While playing YouTube in the background, a random video was recommended on my playlist.

It’s a video about bullying.

The short version of the story is about a bullied Korean Bruce Lee fan.

He got to a breaking point and began to read Bruce Lee’s books and practiced Bruce Lee’s moves.

At the same time, he worked out consistently that his body changed.

Before the video’s epic fight scene, the footage showed flashbacks of the bullying.

Some of the video’s scenes resonated with me because I had big schoolmates who took advantage of me back in school.

It made me remember all the times I felt oppressed.

I began to remember all of them.

I remember all the people that I want revenge on.

The devil inside me said, if you want to murder them, you need to be strong enough to rip their spine out with your bare hands.

You need to be fit as hell; otherwise, they’ll only repeat what they did to you and eventually murder you.

I got more flashbacks of the bullying incidents.

Without much thought, I began to work out.

I did some push-ups and squats and shadowboxing.

I need to get stronger.

I need to be better.

I want to rip their spine out with my bare hands.

This hate is fuel.

Too much peace makes men soft.

Tap into your hate.

Then start exercising.

Thank you for reading.

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