Things don’t need to go according to plan for my day to be awesome. Last Friday I turned 27 and I realized this truth yesterday.

I was obsessed about things happening a certain way. The truth is in life 90% of the things that we get are blessings and 10% are learning experiences that make us a better person.

With that in mind, I want you to look at all the things you have right now. Isn’t it true that at one point in your life you felt that it was your most awesome moment?

I said that when I got my laptop, when I got my iPod touch, when someone special traveled many miles to meet me and celebrate my birthday, when my mom helped me set up my party and my friends came to make it extra special. Despite all those awesome moments, after a time (usually a few days) we forget to be grateful.

We believe that we deserve the most awesome shit in the world. We do get them already but since our perception is clouded by insecurities (because we compare with others) we are ungrateful. We blame the Creator, the people around us and ourselves.

We don’t accept reality. Life is awesome. We are blessed. We are loved.

Don’t be a dick.

Let me explain things more clearly.

In our mind we have an image of how we want our day to go by. Sometimes these are goal. Sometimes things are within our control. Some things are not.

Then when things don’t go our way, despite getting most of the things that we want we choose to be a brat and bitch about our situation.

How happy you are depends on how well you respond to things that are out of your control.

Practice being grateful.

Practice being thankful.

Practice responding in love.

I don’t want to impose this belief. I just want you to be aware and consider the possibility that…

Things don’t need to go according to plan for things to be awesome.

Thank you for reading.

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