Dear Kevin Olega of 2021,

Earlier this year, we discovered that the proper use of time travel is not to change the past but to write a better future.

I’m sending you this message to the future to ensure that you are on track.

1. Hustle.

You have a large lists of people you learn from.

You are already smart enough.

Keep working. Don’t spend time studying, debating or pondering what to do.

You know what the fuck to do.


Do not hesitate.


The right strategy is bullshit.

You probably have a thousand strategies in your head right now.

Use what you have on hand and let it fail.

Use another set of strategies until you find what works.

2. Don’t get complacent.

Keep getting better.

Sharpen your saw but don’t spend too much time doing it.

Keep working.

A player does not become a player by reading guides.

A player becomes a better player by playing smart.

Key words are playing and smart.

3. The advice of people have less value than you think.

If you still feel like doing it, listen to opinion but make your own.

It’s the only one that matters.

In case that’s not clear yet.

The most important opinion is your own opinion.

People keep telling you things that they want to tell themselves but are afraid to do.

You know better.

4. Don’t miss the main point of your religion.

The thing you enjoy most about being in a religion is being part of a group that influence yourself to be a better person.

That’s awesome. It helped you through tough times.

Religion also helped reveal who people are for real.

Don’t make it an exclusive club.

Who the fuck cares if a person is Christian or not?

Remember the story of the guy who was forgiven for his large debt who strangled this guy who has a small debt?

You’re not perfect and neither is anyone.

Always extend kindness and accept people for who they are.

Jesus said that what you do to others you do to him then all this talk about remaining in you as you remain in him.

You are not a separate entity in this universe.

You are a part of it.

5.Don’t let fantasies cloud your reality.

You know that future you’re worrying about?

Well don’t worry about it.

Don’t plan.

Don’t prepare.


Take the fucking hit.


Get back up.

At this point think of the future you want to build.


Chop up your plan into actionable steps.

Work on it every fucking day.

That’s your only job.

Work every single day.

Not worry.


Even the Bible says it.

Faith in action.

Not talk.


6. Stay minimal.

By now you’ll probably have a family.

Don’t hoard a lot of stuff.

Your family will likely do that.

So be a good example and don’t.

Live on less than 100 things.

Keep your gadgets under 10 if you can.

Keep your workout clothes under 5 if you can.

Keep your shoes under 4 pairs if you can.

Just buy a new one if one breaks or be willing to give it away.

Always live as if they’ll discover one day that you’re the Chesapeake Ripper and you have to live your life on the run.

Cash is better than stuff.

7. Stay fit.


None of your old friends will.

They’re all fat and eat bad food.

You need to outlive them. You need to be able to spit on their graves and be able to scream fuck you I told you so but you didn’t listen!

Who’s laughing now?

Stay fit.

Always watch the part Captain America The Winter Soldier where he was jogging and he ran a lot faster than Falcon.

Be Captain America.

  1. You don’t own anything.

You are only renting.

Think about it.

Nothing physical lasts forever.

Use it.

Enjoy it.

Don’t obsessively save things up for future use.

It’s not going to happen.

Use your best stuff and be happy.

Time is more valuable than money.

If you feel like you are wasting time but you are having fun then you are not wasting time.

Don’t live your life as if you own anything.

It all belongs to God.

All lives will eventually be taken by Death.

Hug them a little bit tighter.

Treat them a little bit better.

Your time together is limited.

One day they’ll be dead or you’ll be dead.

9. Don’t ever forget how awesome you are.

You can copy any ability.

You learn skills faster than most people.

You have Hannibal Lecter’s empathy.

You have physical advantages that make 95% of the people that you know look physically disadvantaged.

You endured so much pain and you’re still going.

You learned to cook.

You learned bikes.

You learned CrossFit.

You learned how to make websites and become influential.

You learned every job you took.

You don’t need anyone to copy. You’re your own person now. You are you and that is awesome.

10. Write to your future self.

Don’t forget to write a letter to your future self.

Write a future that you like.

In the past 30 years you got 95% of all the things that you planned for.

I swear.

All that goal lists have been accomplished.

Keep doing it.

You’ll see.

Oh and have I told you that I love you and I appreciate everything you’ve done?


It still feels awkward but that’s how I feel so there.

Pass on my love to everyone in the future for me.


Kevin Olega of 2016

Thank you for reading.

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