Manage today well.

Do today well.

Unless you have a time machine, there is nothing you can do about the past.

In the same way, despite all your best effort to think ahead, there is also very little you can do about the future.

All our worrying, planning, preparing has limitations and stressing over these “concepts” does both the present me and the “future me” little to no good.

So, please stop.

Here’s what to do instead.

Manage today well.

Do what you are doing today well.

Your life, depending on how long you will remain alive will consist of 18,000 days and according to statistics, a good number will have way fewer days.

It’s incredibly inefficient to worry about your life because the focus will be scattered among dozens of milestones spread across those eighteen thousand days.

Instead, I propose focusing on one day at a time and repeat the process eighteen thousand times or however many times you’ll have on this planet.

Manage today well.

Do today well.

Today is the only day you have some influence over.

Thank you for reading.

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