Here’s a list of elements that allow me to compose the perfect day:

Got Sufficient Sleep.

Sleep has been a challenge for me. Everytime I get enough sleep I feel unstoppable.

Shower First

The cold exposure from the shower has a good effect on me so I do this before meditating.


I meditate for 3-5 minutes inside my room at the start of my day. I try to do 5 minutes before I start working. Whenever I can, I aim for 10 minutes. I subscribed to headspace premium to unlock all the meditation sessions.


This works. Helped me go through a full shift with the flu. The more expensive cortitrol allowed me to be unaffected by a vivid dream of the person who triggers my symptoms of PTSD/depression. To stay safe, I’m taking this regularly.

Potein and Fat Breakfast

My goal is to fill up on nutrient-dense foods with minimal carbs and sugar from the freshest sources and at the same time, save money on food costs. My current favorite breakfast are fresh beef, salmon and tuna. Without any carbs, I feel light, energized and in a good mood.

Iced Coffee

Coffee wakes me up. Iced coffee tastes great. Nuff said.

No Social Media

Social media is like reverse meditation. Social media draws in your attention, then drains your ability to concentrate.

Worked Out at the Box

I feel tired and energized at the same time when I join a workout at CrossFit. Completing a difficult workout make me feel effective and unstoppable.

Used Office Space

I love working from “The Common Space”. There’s little to no distraction because all my clutter is left at home.

Writing Session

Yes. Writing reinforces my eficacy. At the same time, it allows me to clarify my thinking and trap my worries on paper.

Bike Ride

I bike for entertainment and to save money on short distance transportation costs. People say that cycling is exercise. I disagree. A bycicle is a form of transportation.


Before I began to experience symptoms of Depression/PTSD, I felt unstoppable. 2019 is my journey to get that person back.

Thank you for reading.

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