It hurts to let go of opportunities as they pass me by. At the moment I’m letting go of most things I find to be too troublesome and keeping what matters. That’s why I became a minimalist. To make space for the important. The past seven years of work had a picture of me burying myself with my work, plans and ambitions which didn’t end too well. Last year I decided to go in the opposite direction and see where it will take me. There was no big goal but to have a little less of everything. Things started to pick up. I had opportunities to pick up and let go of certain opportunities. I also realized that money wasn’t the problem for me but my appetite to consume far more than I need. At this point, I’d like to confess that I feel like I got about ninety percent of the important things from my goals last year. I didn’t strive for it. I just took action. A little here and there went a long way. Up to now I have no other explanation other than God moved. I talk about how every skill we pick up can be put to good use later on however in this case I am in situations where almost all of my skills are useless. Today I’m operating in situations where everything is painful, temporary, uncertain and unpredictable. Despite that I believe that things will turn out well.

I usually say its too early to tell. Good thing well have this post to see how the future turns out.

How about you?

Thank you for reading.

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