Why you should remove your evernote and dropbox at work.

I’m a fan of applications that gives you access to your files on any device. dropbox - online backup and all my data available to any computer. sugar sync - secondary online backup portable apps - runs applications from a usb thumbdrive evernote - my notes on all devices wunderlist - my to do list on all devices simplenote - my text notes on all devices google docs - my documents from anywhere google photos - formerly picasa - my picture organizer twitter - where I put out my announcements. facebook - where I stay in touch with people without needing their phone number linkedin - where I have my file online email and other cloud based apps.

I recetly realized that having access to all my information made things ultra convenient at the cost of my focus. Every portable app from my personal laptop can be accessed on my work computer. So can my notes, blog posts, pictures, sometimes movies etc. A wonderful word of distractions. And while I know I’ll never get fired because I can do things cleanly and never get caught, it makes me think about producing results at work. I

I removed evernote. Transfering all the work related data into one big text file. Update: Now a few textfiles.

I then removed my dropbox.

My productivity also soared. I’m doing one thing at a time when I write. Now I’m doing one thing at a time at work. I can now continue to finish a day’s worth of work in less than four hours.

Thank you for reading.

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