I was listening to a podcast where the guy who did Bruce Almighty got interviewed and I picked up some ideas that made me think about how I live.

Agriculture made us forget that we are a family. We stopped sharing. More importantly I stopped sharing. I became selfish. I forgot to treat my family well. I forgot how hunters act. The fastest and strongest hunter doesn’t eat everything. The strongest hunter shares with his family and after they have fed, with the community. We live in a culture of to the winner gets the spoils and its a violent culture.

When we compete. The word compete comes from to strive with.

Instead we do the exact opposite. Because we believe that to the victor of the competition belongs the spoils. We become violent and hostile to others. Thinking this behavior is acceptable and justifiable because after all to the victor belongs the spoils.

You (I’m talking to myself) need to look at your attitude.

The greatest hunter shares his catch with his family. The hunters see their community as an extension of your family. Jesus made believers see other believers as brothers and sisters and we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. So this mindset isn’t new. It was just brought to my attention with this language. Whenever I am thinking of hoarding or unnecessarily accumulating I am not thinking like a hunter. As a result I forsake my abilities, my fate because I put my trust in my wealth both figuratively and literally.

I need to continuously pare down and apply minimalist practices to make space for my purpose and things that make me happier. If the two greatest commandments is to love God with everything I got and to love my neighbor as myself then it also reads that I shouldn’t be thinking of placing all the resources I accumulated on just myself.

A good commander has a strong team. I’ve built my character as a solo player. Now it’s time to build the other characters in my team. In this case my party is my family and eventually the people around me.

I have no idea how to execute this fully but I’m confident that this will be useful once I mastered it.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a hunter. I only take on tasks that I found challenging, I learned how to do first aid. This guy over here is my inspiration.


You may also listen to the podcast here just click over to episode fifteen.

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