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Send A Video To Your Future Self For The Ultimate Reminder

Dear 2015 Kevin. This is Kevin Olega of December 2014. A lot of things had happened. I’m not going to mention it because by the time you see this, I pray you’ve already forgotten about it.

This post and video will serve as an ultimate reminder.

Back in 2007 someone gave you a video asking you to never give up on her. You may have forgotten about the video. It’s in your dropbox folder, hidden in secret by your 2010 version. What’s cool about it is you didn’t give up until the end. You found the tools, the inspiration, you found the people who supported you. You met people who gave you lessons and experiences that fuelled you. You found God.

In 2011 you eventually lost that person but the lesson that was left to you was a valuable one.

She also left you videos to remind you of how important you are and how much she loved you and that had prevented you from destroying yourself or doing something stupid when you lost her.

Be more meticulous about how you craft your reality.

You need to create reminders for yourself and others. When you meet the next partner create a similar video only this time be part of the video and encourage her to never give up no matter what. Make lots of Naruto reference and get her to watch, Naruto, Fairy Tail and How I Met Your Mother to drive your point.

Quotes used in the video:

I’m the best there is at what I do and what I do isn’t very nice. – Deadpool Imitating Wolverine
I’m very particular about what I allow to enter my body, that’s why I end up preparing most meals myself. – Hannibal Lecter

One last thing Make more videos

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