I recently encountered a bunch of hassles. People who owe me money are giving me the silent treatment. I had to pay for a medical bill that cost about a month worth of my vacation budget. I wrecked three of my shoes. My face is swelling after my surgery and I have a date.

My normal reaction is to think of a few hundred plans and stress myself over how things are okay in the past and should be right now. I look at cause and effect. I look at what I can change next time. I think about time machines. As a result I’m both stressed and confused.

Nothing I do can fix this. The stress is totally unnecessary. Now what?

Whatever the situation is, it should be perfect. Thinking about this as I look at myself in the mirror my worry started to fade away. A new plan shows up. Stop pretending like you’re in control of everything. Just enjoy the next few days and continue experimenting with solutions. Take life as it comes.