I had no idea my book giveaway winners would be this sweet

If you’re following me on twitter you might have noticed that I’m giving away my book collection for free.

So far I’ve given away three books.

The whole giveaway promo thing was something I learned from a fashion blogger I recently met. The idea was to get them to retweet something that pointed people to read my sure or to follow me on twitter. I then, forgot that I need to be specific about the mechanics. I then tweeted, first one to retweet this gets a free book. It eventually went to a whole bunch of people I recently became friends with.

The first book: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk went to @carameladayrit. Melai Dayrit. Maker of the best banana cakes on the planet. I’ll write about it in a bit at my other website, Philippine Island Living later.

The second book: The Vampire Chronicles’ Book Seven: Blood an Gold Which follows the story of Marius to Sheenah Tan the top online reputation manager in the Philippines. Not only that she’s also one of the prettiest and most multi talented person I recently met.

The third book: V for Vendetta. Is a novel (not the graphic novel) of the film V for Vendetta. The book will go to @oddtarts a talented artist and a new friend.

The fourth book, anger at work is going to Sheenah Tan, again.

I’m still deciding on what book to give away next but there will be more.

I initially started the site or any activity for the matter to promote my work self blog etc. now I found something a whole lot better since I started the contest.

My new ex-boss told me recently, if I keep focusing on my goals and what I want later in life, I’ll end up missing out on a billion things I could be enjoying right now.

So I’m ditching the marketing and just doing what I want. Should you want to try it out for yourself, here are some of the benefits I gained:

  • **Clearing up mental space**. - I think about each of the items I own consciously or unconsciously. I'm sure you do too. Where is it? Did I lose it? Where an I going to put it. Is it safe where it is. More importantly, when do I clean it up or put it away. And I'm thinking about items we can do without.
  •  **Clearing up physical space**. - you get the idea. I have to put it somewhere, the question is, where? I also have to put it away after use or clean it up or maintenance. Can I bring it when I travel? How troublesome.
  •  **Sharing my blessings -** I use my items a lot and bring them almost anywhere, until I'm done with them. I hope you enjoy them too.
  •  **Making new friends** - I'm making friends as I give stuff away either bond with a new one or catch up with an old one and in the end we both get what we want.

I have too much stuff. No matter how I sometimes feel like I do not have enough. It’s the greed and marketing talking. Giving is the cure for greed. It worked for me. That it’s self is benefit enough on top of the ones I shared.

Do you have a giveaway plan?

Thank you for reading.

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