Time traveling to the black and white era.

Looking at the past can boost our confidence, give us clues, cheer us up. Doing so can also cause the exact opposite. The past few days made me think about reactivating my Facebook account. I miss a few people. I realize that the people I have on Facebook are people of my past. Having my account open will cause me to feel nostalgic and look to the past more often than I should. I’m on twitter and google plus. I’m connected mostly to people I just met. We talk about that’s happening right now, share ideas and encourage each other as we build our own futures. Everyone I have on twitter are people I want to stay connected to because I draw smiles an positivity from them. People who share bad vibes gets unfollowed immediately. That’s why I keen my lists short.

I have a lot of things that remind me of the past. Small pieces of notes, pictures and “souvenir”. I’m letting them go.

Your past, no matter how much you care for it does not share your sentiments. Holding on to your past will do you more harm than good. Past does not always equal your future. Most of my unnecessary hurts come from looking at my past.

You have one life to live. Pay attention to your present and care for it well for we do not know what our future holds we can only hope for a good one as we work on our present. Eyes forward.

What are you looking at?

Thank you for reading.

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