People hate the word less for some reason. I feel the reason is we believe we miss out on the good things life has to offer when we want less in life.

I grabbed the following quote from Jason Freid’s blog at 37 Signals:

**“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, **

**more complex, and more violent. **

**It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—**

**to move in the opposite direction.”**

**—Albert Einstein**

Here are some of the things from the top of my head why I want to have less in my life:

Less Trash Less complication Less stress Less clutter Less distraction Less wasted movement Less waste Less debt Less expenses Less fat Less weight Less travel time Less wrinkles Less blackheads Less advertisements Less loading time Less unhealthy habits less hate Less hurt Less fighting Less herd mentality

What do you want less of?


Thank you for reading.

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