I used to use the following and regularly I try to look for more minimalist tools for my tasks:

Sometimes it’s nice to use nice tools for doing things. Minimalism is great and all but depending on it too much is a bit of a bother. Minimalism is about not being too dependent on anything and uberminimalism is being uberdependent on becoming a minimalist.

  • Using iTunes instead of cool player portable is nice for a change.
  • Using Wunderlist instead of paper, todo.ly, notepad, or Evernote as my to do list manager feels better for a change.
  • Using Evernote over Simplenote is freeing my mind more now. I don't mind waiting 3-5 seconds longer for it to load. I can turn off the left sidebar to make it look like simplenote and I can turn off the notelist to make it look close to focus writer.

That’s the entire point of technology isn’t it? To make things simpler or easier. Minimalism for minimalism’s sake is worthless. Like a person saving up every bit of cash he could. Or a person on a diet counting every calorie is guaranteed to get fat later on. It’s a good thing to get out and let loose once in a while. Now I’m writing this post in evernote and I’m doing free writing. I use paper most of the time but I feel like typing now. I don’t care how long this post will be. I hope you get my point. Use what you have and do what you can friend. Please do have fun with your process. Your goal is to get your goal and not to use the best possible item or tool to achieve your goal. I don’t care if its team plain text or (the guy who hates evernote) Scratch your own itch and use the tools that make it fun for you to work. If a minimalist tool encumbers you. Use the goddamn microsoft word to write your stuff. It will load 50seconds longer on a slow computer but it’ll save you time of searching around for the perfect writing system. Want a Mac or an iPhone? So be it.


Thank you for reading.

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