There are two reasons to be positive.

  1. You have a solution.
  2. You are forcing yourself to be positive.

Being positive is an important key to success.

Many of use look to entrepreneurs for inspiration.

We hear or read encouraging words and stories.

We end up saying look at NAME OF ENTREPRENEUR, (s)he’s so positive, that’s why (s)he’s so successful.

So we try to mimic the positive side.

We tend to miss the work behind the positivity.

I wasn’t positive about cooking until I learned how to cook.

I wasn’t positive about fighting until I learned martial arts.

I wasn’t positive about earning money until I learned how to sell.

I wasn’t positive about taking more responsibility until I learned how to negotiate.

I spent half a decade getting kicked in the face because I “faked it till I made it.”

I quit when I couldn’t take it anymore and started studying decent skills.

I got more success being negative than by being positive.

We tend to want to fight for success when we’re younger.

Intelligent, extroverted, and manipulative people tend to exploit that.

Be careful who you trust.

Focus on taking care of yourself.

Focus on taking care of your job.

Focus on learning useful skills.

Be independent before aiming for financial independence.

Take care of your body by getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising, and proper hygiene before aiming to be a boss.

Clean your room, wash your dishes, keep your home tidy before aiming for financial freedom.

You’ll receive that upgrade if you’re faithful with the small things.

Build a collection of solutions until positivity and negativity no longer becomes part of the conversation.

Thank you for reading.

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