Bloggers are often associated with technophiles by the masses. When you say a person is a blogger Images of a guy or girl who uses an iPhone for photos, a Macbook pro or air for a laptop and a moleskine notebook.

Bloggers are lifehackers who have an automated way to broadcast their art using technology. Their advice, stories about travel, minimalism, untethering, challenges, solutions, experiments, expertise gives us lessons and reasons to smile for free.

When I started blogging I thought I needed all the blogging toys and tech to blog. Typing posts on the fly with my iPhone, editing from my Macbook pro/air, writing on a moleskine then using apps to convert my handwriting into a blog post., updating people automatically via rss, twitter, facebook and google plus with all my posts scheduled a month in advance I’ll write really cool stuff everyday and I’ll have the best wordpress theme with a cool typography and awesome pictures that matches the content.

While it’s all cool and the most common tip in top blog advice following it to the letter caused me to procrastinate blogging or to beat myself up with a lot of unnecessary stress for not having everything at the start. I bitched around. about not having a laptop, a smartphone, a moleskin, a dedicated designer, app creatotm a photographer, etc.

Recently Leo of Zen Habits untethered from his premium wordpress theme and he released a free uncopywrited version of his new zen habits theme. This led me to question my previous doubts about how my blog should be and the need for all that to be happy with what I have. I realized that I really have a blog that I should be great about.

Leo wrote that his blog is worker owned, uncopywrited, add free, and hand made. I think that’s a great idea and I’m applying that to my blog. Doing so, I anticipate will improve my blog and how I feel about it so I’m giving a hand made blog a shot.

Here’s how to make a hand made blog:

  1. **Write your blog by hand then type it on your computer**. - Instant portable write anywhere ability.
  2. **Use Plain text**. - Get to blog from literally any computer
  3. **Write everyday**. - lets you improve over time.
  4. **Tweak your theme to your own liking**. - like re-modelling your online home.
  5. **Use your own domain vs tumbler** - you'll have a nicer online home when you own the domain.
  6. **Take your own pictures, use your drawings or go without them** - not having a tool is not an excuse to get started. Someone told me to write my stuff in notepad and just email them to myself to save them online.
  7. **Be yourself and just write**. - after writing this way I felt more confident with being myself.
  8. **Talk about yourself, your goals, dreams, learnings and plans**. - people are naturally attracted to people who know where they are heading.
  9. **Give your best to your audience for free**. Leo and Ev did this and now have an army of followers.
  10. **Read blogs less often -** Sometimes you have a really cool idea then you see a famous blogger write about them first. and you end up copying or worse, not writing your ideas at all.

You have something unique to say. I want to know what you’d like to say?

Thank you for reading.

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