Be yourself because everybody else is taken -Chris Guillebeau - The Art of Non Conformity

I recenly saw a poster that yelled “Be the envy of everybody” I don’t recall if it’s a luxury item or a plastic surgery print ad. I’m already at a point where I’m starting to like myself and I like how things are going as they are. I occasionally complain about my challenges and when I’m tired I look for things to enjoy where I am. I’m pretty content. I’m not completely content but I’m pretty content with everything. I move toward my goals at a pace that I like. If for some reason I feel like my results are slow at showing up I do my best to slow down and be present to what’s happening. I usually find something to tweak that could help out.

I know for a fact that  advertising hits hard when companies are trying to sell us something. I’m currently suffering from iPhone envy and I’m not using my mobile phone to answer calls or text messages because I feel like I’m just using the old Nokia like I’m holding on to a dead end job that I hate and stay because I only have exactly enough money just to feed myself and have no means of getting a leave and jumping ship.

Just kidding.

Here’s what advertisers forgot to sell you:

You already are complete. You are prefect. You may change and grow and make mistakes but that’s perfectly okay.

Feeling the desire for more or something else might be a result of not using what you have.

Every awesome person I know is too busy playing around with what they have doing amazing work and counting their blessing and giving gifts to the world.

Trying to imitate others causes you to miss out on every gift you have.

I want to see what you got. It’s time we showed the world.

Who’s life do you want to live?

I hope you pick you.

Thank you for reading.

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