All out sprints are valuable during competitions.

When you sprint at the end of the race or at key opportune moments, you can gain an advantage.

Daily life, however, is more of a marathon than a sprint.

There’s always another task, there’s always the next project.

There’s always a tomorrow to think about and prepare for.

When you go on a full power, all out, maximum effort sprint, you gain a temporary speed boost at the cost of being unable to move at the end of your temporary speed boost.

If you stay at around 96% you’ll stay moving relatively fast but you can go on longer.

You sacrifice a little speed for longer range and a more fun journey.

If you relax, you get 96% of the output of your max effort result effortlessly.

Be happy with 96%.


Most of my failure at workouts and competitions are a result of sprinting too early.

I won a competition by constantly reminding myself to not sprint.

Most of the waste and poor decisions in my life is a result of sprinting in “non-race activities”.

Thank you for reading.

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