Put your ideas on paper.

Pare down your physical and digital items.

Minimize your text input.

Pray about your concerns.

Trap your worries on paper.

Take deep breaths.

Spend a few minutes meditating.

Old Version

How to clear your head.

There are several things that lead to the chaos in your head which leads you to believe you’re running at a thousand thoughts per second.

Possessions. Goals. Relationships.

I’m not saying we should get to zero. Like plants we can count on these as sustenance or poison.

Have a clear desk.

Have a clear room.

Clear your desktop.

Clear your apps.

Clear your notes.

Clear your files.

Clear your phonebook.

Clear your facebook feeds.

Clear your facebook friends.

Clear your twitter follows.

Clear your Google+ circles.

Clear your reading lists.

Get to just a few.

Have more time.

Spend your free time wisely.

Thank you for reading.

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