We all want to know when we will get what we’re waiting for. My impatience will always declare heartbreak when things don’t go my way to oppose my belief that God is in charge and His next move will be sufficient, satisfying and is worth waiting for. If we get careless and follow our impatience where do we think that will lead? If we follow logic and just imagine what happens next we’ll see that nothing we like will come out of it save for temporarily pleasure. Moving in faith puts us in the unknown. We know in our hearts it will be good for us but it is often painful and uncertain. Many times we will ask “are we there yet?” many times the answer will be no.

But you know what? Many of these things I waited for are a thousand times more satisfying than what I worked for.

What will you believe? Will you wait or will you act out of impatience?

Thank you for reading.

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