this will replace my laptop for a while

My laptop broke down. The keyboard an the touchpad stopped working properly. At the moment I’ll be doing all of my writing from the iPod touch.

I’ve been bummed out of what happened to the laptop but I’m kind of excited about how I’ll just work from the iPod touch.

I realized another one of my goals. Portability over power. When I was younger I wanted to be rich and powerful and influential like a typical tycoon.

A couple of years ago I realized that the important things in my life can be covered with an average income. The inner conflict only happens when I compare myself with others or I’m ungrateful for my blessings but other than that it’s all good. When I lost the ability to use the laptop, I lost the ability to watch movies, edit pictures, and that’s pretty much it. Writing and publishing can be done from here. With regard to my goals, I can ditch spending for a car, a house, a large TV and posh furniture and keeping the money to rent a small empty space with not much stuff an do as I please. Power enables. Power also traps. Power requires maintenance and upkeep. Trying to work with just the essentials enable you to work with just the power you have and that’s more sustainable. I have nothing against it. I just don’t think I’d bee able to use a lot of it or spend too much time pursuing it. I prefer to be portable, mobile and free.

A year ago, I found a quote on the web. It says “I’d like to live like a poor man with lots of cash”

I figure that’s what I’d like to be. How about you?

Thank you for reading.

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