What comes to mind when you hear the following words?

Minimalist, Christian, Artist, Entrepreneur, Efficient, Hard working, Strategic, Action Oriented, Location Independent, Teacher, Writer, Ninja, Determined, Independent, Team Player.

Those are some of the words I’d like to include when I describe myself.

Some people will see it as a good thing and some will disagree. Some people who have advocacies might argue that you can’t have all that because some are conflicting.

It might be hard to see if you either stereotype or you’re just trying to please everybody. Each of the words, I admit is a way of life and has advantages and disadvantages.

You see, I am all of them and none of them. I am a person and I have all these ingredients in be. Each ingredient serves me as I serve it.

Just as my hands are as important as my feet, I wont abandon one for the other. I believe that things should be taken slow and I enjoy taking my time but if I have to I’ll move as fast as I can.

Wouldn’t it be better if we were just experts and not purists? What do you think will happen if conflicting strategies work together for a change?

Thank you for reading.

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