I recently saw Fight Club and I saw how one person and his imaginary friend started a home made soap manufacturing company into an organization capable operating independently of central leadership. I often get inspiration from lines from movies. When I was a kid I ended up memorizing the rules of Fight Club along with most of the script. I wrote minimal changes as a way for me to build permanent habits and recently I realized that the rules of fight club is a wise strategy for a lot of things ranging to forming permanent personal habits to building a large organization. Without further adieu here's how you can use the eight rules of Fight Club to form permanent habits. 
  1. **The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club** - keep it a secret. When you express your goal into words you usually end up spending the energy and as a result the urge to act on things is less. Think about it. People who say they'll commit suicide never do and people who you'd never suspect end up dead with nobody to stop them. It's kind of a morbid example but you get the point right?
  2. **The second rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club**.- the less others know the better. People usually encourage you or shoot you down when you tell them your big plans. Never let that happen. Sometimes getting encouragement is  just our motivation to put up all these nice plans and we end up forgetting your reason for your plans. Sometimes we just tell them we have a big plan to be popular that we have this big plan and people will say great I love your idea and its great to hear you have big goals. Then we end up not doing anything. Getting praised for a plan or debating with the opposition doesn't turn your plans to reality. Just get it done. Talk to people if you need help but I believe you're smart and you can get things done on your own. The less people know the better. Show the world what you intend to do but first you have do it.
  3. **Third rule somebody yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight's over**. Whatever you're facing, its not a life and death situation. Getting things done is important but its not about winning or losing. Results are important but its not everything. Improve but dont be obsessed with perfect. Fight but dont be obsessed with winning. Want growth in leaps and bounds? Get beat up more times than usual. If the ending is what people really want then nobody would watch movies and just skip over to the last chapter. Think journey and not destination. Whether you win or lose that fight, you can always fight again.
  4. **Fourth rule, no shirts, no shoes**. - Its not your tools that makes things happen its you. The ultimate weapon is the human body not a sword, not a gun, not a nuke. When you do things manually you can gain better. Stop thinking about what you lack and make use of what you have well. Look at the sidebar. It says "use what you have and do what you can." You have a brain. Now is your chance to be creative.
  5. **Fifth rule, only two guys to a fight**. - Never multitask. FIghting an army unarmed and by yourself can get you killed unless you take them out one by one. You can shoot them or nuke them but where's the fun in that? The secret to accomplishing your work and enjoying the process at the same time is by doing things one at a time. Its okay to plan. Just don't plan while working. You can plan once and execute but don't do it at the same time.
  6. **Sixth rule, only one fight at a time** - People have unlimited creative powers but our physical capabilities are limited. One of the reason we end up not completing the things we set out to complete is because we take on more battles than we ought to. Our capacity is limited and when you go for something when you're tired and hungry and wounded the results aren't going to be pretty. Sure you might be able to do it a few times but not all the time. Do things one thing at a time. Take on challenges and learn to rest and to process for your next move. A candle that burns twice as bright wil burn up twice as fast.
  7. **Seventh rule, fights will go on for as long as they have to**. - When you're done you're done but when you're fighting just keep on going. Dont stop until you're done. Hold things out until the end. In a fight someone wins, someone loses, or it endes.as a draw. Dont give up until the result. If you're learning something important make it take as long as it takes. You might say that in the last few rules I talked about single tasking and resting and focusing on one things at a time. Well this is the reason why. When you fight you give it your all.
  8. **Eight and final rule, If it's your first night to fight club you have to fight.** - You've gone this far. Now go for it.


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