Hamburger Attack Part 3

Kevin: Eat this! Hamburger Punch!

Bernard: You bet I will!

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Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing) is considered to be among the deadliest martial art simply because it is an art that had embraced its limitations. Here are things I observed:

  • They know that skill improves with experience so they start training early.
  • They know that most fighters go for the head so their arms form a protective barrier for the head.
  • They know you can’t block every attack so they leatn to take hits.
  • They understand that the first fighter who runs out of gas will lose so they train for long fights.
  • They know that its hard to kick the head so they kick low.
  • They understand that a fighter who cannot stand cannot fight so they mastered the low kick.
  • They know the that basic attacks are effective so they ditched the “legendary death punch”
  • They know the effective range of each attack so they attack accordingly.
  • knees and elbow strikes for close range
  • punches are for punching range
  • kicks only from kicking range
  • They know that you’ll let your guard down eventually so they attack with combinations.

Sometimes we try to force things to break our limitations but sometimes we might be able to wirk with our limitations. Its actually fun and you learn to be crative trying things out.

I know you can kick someone in the head from a clinch but you won’t need to if you launch an elbow or a knee strike.

People who try to make the most with what they have end up having the best of what they have. If you cant change the range use the appropriate attack.

If you’re seriously considering using what you have then you must learn to do what you can. You can just surprise yourself with what you can do despite your limitations.

Dont try do do everything others can. Master a few and progress little by little. Its not having 1000 moves that count its mastering a few 1000 times.

Sometimes not having a death punch is an advantage. It makes you realize that you can attack and overcome your problems with just the basics.

Punch, kick, knee, then elbow. Ust the tools you have. Strike where you can land hits. Try to parry. If you can’t, just take the hits. Keep standing. Its okay to jab a few times if you’re uncertain. Land a low kick. Land another punch. Try to get close. Another low kick. Block the attack with your elbow and try to open his guard. Try a head-kick as he pulls back while pressing forward. Finish with a barrage of knee and elbow strikes.

Try that with your problems. Let me know how your fight goes.

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