What would be the best way to get started other than just getting started?

-Kevin (procrastinating)

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Where I come from it is a common saying that I only want the simple life. I don’t need a grand life to be happy. Yet a lot of people do voice out their dissatisfaction with work, income and life in general. It is a common sight for people to take 2 or more jobs ot to work a job they don’t want to gain a higher income and more often than not you hear people say I want the simple life, then I’ll be happy, then they work jobs they hate and buy stuff they don’t need.

I’m sure you’re not that kind of a person. You simply know people like that.

Here’s a question.

If a practice is practiced by a lot of people and that lot of people are clearly unhappy would you continue to do it?

Here’s are suggestions I’m proposing. I’m trying it out myself.

  • Instead of aiming for a simple life just live the simple life.
  • Live the life you have right now and simplify bit by bit.
  • Try to live on less.
  • Don’t buy a lot of crap.
  • Get rid of stuff you don’t really use.
  • Spend time on people and not on toys.
  • Don’t work on increasing your income until you spend less than you earn.

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