We all heard the saying, the truth hurts. The truth/reality when not aligned with our desired outcome generally hurts. Being hurt by words does not mean they are true. Lies and misinformation, when believed hurt too. Especially when we were convinced by someone we trust. Something that hurts is not an indication of a statement being true.

We need to be wiser these days. There’s always a good reason and the real reason. Most people tell us the good reason but we need to figure out the real reason ourselves.

We need to say no to a lot of things to have the capacity to say yes and go all out on the right ones. We already have a lot of things that made us successful and as time went by forgot about those habits.

We accumulated lies and bullshit people tell us and buy into them. The once generous and awesome versions we had are nothing but a faint memory. We need the resolve to do the right thing no matter what.

More money will not resolve the problem. Learning to manage my current resources will.

You can love something and learn to not have it.

If you stay long enough the person you meet will surprise you and be far more interesting than your first impression.

Minimal changes started from an experiment in minimalist lifestyle practices. Now it’s unrecognizable. Just as my current self look at my past self and the kind of me I would like to transform in to.

The next one will be far more exciting as soon as I let go of the past.

Thank you for reading.

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