Then you have to admit is that what you got instead was pretty awesome.

We label things that do not go according to plan as life’s disappointments. Life’s disappointments are opportunities to enjoy something else, appreciate life, slow down or change directions.

That’s what I should have said every time I encounter less disappointments but instead a whined, got depressed and went on several destructive downward spirals like in emo kid.

A month ago I wrote that everyday is legendary and thinking otherwise it’s just me acting like a brat.

As I write this, I laugh as I realize how true this was. Today things didn’t go according to plan. A couple of hangouts were cancelled but they ended up making a new friend which ended up being a really awesome person.

A couple of years ago and planned to disappear and settle into it town away from the city. That didn’t push through and I ended up learning how to be healthier, learn how to cook and sharpen my skills by exploring opportunities.

Overall, life turned out a lot more awesome than I intended to be. At certain points, I didn’t get what I want as I intended it so I wound up complaining about it but still, if you really look at it, you can say that I got more blessings than I asked for and ultimately it’s our ungrateful ass that causes the problem.

So at this point ask yourself what kind of blessings are you receiving and how are you being ungrateful about that?

Thank you for reading.

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