I tire easily when I do things over and over again. I’ve been thinking a lot about how a change of scene can make a positive impact in my life. I recall that successful companies I worked for pay a lot of money to get a great venue for annual planning and team building events. When my old bosses sets meetings, we usually pick the finest venue we could afford. The location somehow has an influence on future results. I used to think about it as an ego thing but not that I think about it, a pleasant or fine ambiance makes me want to move forward.

Certain places have influences on what we do and how we think. I enjoy writing while traveling alone on a bus or anywhere because of the spontaneity of the thoughts I get while traveling and a sort of time limit I get because of the travel time. I write in a coffee shop when I want to draw out fresh Ideas.

During the times I felt stuck I noticed that I stayed in the same place for a long time and the past few weeks made me realize that constant change of scene had gotten me wanting to move forward and explore what I can do further. If I don’t like the flashbacks I get at where I am, then the solution was to create new memories not tied with loss.

With that said, here are some things I did in the past few weeks to create a change of scene:

  1. Go out and treat a new friend to coffee or tea or dinner preferably in a new place.
  2. Visit a new far away place.
  3. Hang out with old acquaintances or make new friends.
  4. Visit a friend’s house.
  5. Commute to a new route, preferably one you’re unfamiliar with.

The result led me wanting to do new things and I got a flow of fresh ideas I’ll be sharing soon.

Have you tried going for a change of scene? What was your experience?

Thank you for reading.

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