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There are days when it feels like the last episode of the last season of your TV show. You fought the good fight and defeated the lead villain only to find out that more powerful monsters are coming.

Exactly a year ago, I believe I’ve had it made. I’m with the girl of my dreams, I just started work that paid about twice as much as my previous pay and looking forward, the future I see is me finally being able to save up for my wedding and start a family.

Like any well written series, plot twists come when you least expect them. I lost my best friend and the person I wanted to marry both at the same day. Work didn’t turn out well no matter how much effort I put in to trying to perform. I was swinging for the fences yet ended up hitting air.

Exactly a year after, I’m in a situation where I don’t feel like I have a chance of ever winning again. But somehow my body moves on its own and I realized that I’m cursed with a heart that doesn’t give up. I somehow imagine myself continuing on long after the battle is lost. Outliving all that had fallen. My body moves forward whether I want it or not.

I want to cry because I want my best friend back. Flashbacks of how I excited I am to tell her every bit of what happened to my day hit me like a round house shin kick to the head. Nothing happens. Nothing I say or do reaches her.

I hear more monsters approaching. My arms relax, anticipating the next encounter. I expect my legs to dash forward any second. I hear mighty wings flapping. This could be the end of this part of the story but the next part will go on. I’d like to slay the dragon.

Post inspired by Not Fade Away (see ending number 6)

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