I took a peek at my horoscope today.

I found some advice that I found useful. I’m a Christian. I’m not supposed to believe in this horse shit. I pick on Christians who read their “horror scope”. Sometimes I’m lucky the advice worked. Will I go to hell for this? Am I putting my faith in demonic powers?

Here’s the thing..

I tried to read as much as I can and I noticed that the advice is random advice. It’s a collection of advice disseminated by writers in a systematic manner based on their own preference.

What makes horoscope so magical?

We feel it works.

Here’s what you need to understand.

Good advice works. Sound advice works. Advice that persuades you to do the right thing is good.

The problem is we don’t listen to advice. We don’t listen to our own advice. Sometimes we pretend to listen.

We record the advice and hope we are never put in a situation where we have to use it.

We are crappy at execution.

We are crappy in following the advice and applying it into our lives.

The horoscope works!

Sure it does.

You read some advice that made sense and now you are experiencing good results.

Now are you surprised?

Because you haven’t followed good advice in a while.

You do your thing.

You follow your heart.

You do what makes you happy. You decide based on your emotions.

If you pick up some advice from the Bible the same thing would happen.

Good advice that allows you to live a decent life and had produced desirable results for others may work for you too.

Good advice in my experience makes sense but feels absolutely difficult to follow.

Here’s some simple advice that I followed against my will that turned out good for me.

Don’t spend all your money.

Keep some for yourself.

Spend as little as you can and treat yourself to nice things at reasonable and scheduled intervals.

Learning to become and doing awesome things that you care about are far more satisfying and less expensive than owning enviable things.

Learn to beg for forgiveness and avoid asking for permission.

The amount of success and happiness you will have in your life is directly proportionate to the amount of difficult conversations that you’re willing to have.

If you want to do something, try it by starting with the smallest step. This means the smallest activity and perhaps the cheapest usable equipment.

A master wielding a pebble can beat a novice wielding a bladed weapon.

Minimum effective dose applies to more than just medicine.

You can improve your life by consciously removing things that weigh you down and mindfully living on less.

Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. Very fucking hard.

When you get married, you don’t give up on your partner ever. I’ve had some practice but this is perhaps harder than I imagine it today. This will bite me in the ass in the future. Challenge accepted.

The right response to life’s challenge is challenge accepted.

Be patient. Imitate God’s patience. Forgive..I want to punch myself for struggling. Forgive others. There I’ve said it. I don’t get to do it but I’m working on making it part of me.

Don’t get angry. Don’t lose your cool. If you hate the Bible, watch Star Wars and observe Anakin Skywalker. Not listening to this advice fucked him in the ass later in life.

Since I lost someone really important, I always wanted my life to end. I often wake up wanting to cry in a fetal position but I’ll be late for work so I say fuck it and move forward. I lost my sense of purpose. I know what God wants me to do is my purpose but I still don’t fully comprehend how that applies to me in this reality. I lost my reason to do and be better. I attach my goals to a random person temporarily making them my reason to push forward, my purpose was to assist, to support and to be useful. I want to fast forward my life into a time when I’m okay already but we both know this doesn’t happen. A lot of people advised me to quit the drama. I didn’t follow the advice. I suffer the consequence for over three years.

I move forward and follow the advice above. My life gets better. I still get sad. I still get depressed. But I move foreword. I know I’ll always move forward. My life will get better because I’m getting better. I watch my posture , my sleep, my hydration and my serotonin levels. I watch my cash and I watch my skills grow.

When you find good advice make it part of your life. As they say, ideas are worth almost nothing. It’s the execution that’s priceless.

Should you read the horoscope? It’s your life. I personally don’t. I recommend though that if you see advice that makes sense that you feel potentially improves your situation, your relationship with God, don’t just listen to it or read it. Apply it to how you live.

Last night I told myself to pray for wisdom. I don’t pray for it regularly. Will my advice to myself work? Time will tell.

I’ve dabbled on.

As always, thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading.

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