I decided to be honest to a point that it’s a bit embarrassing. I want to write about something useful and post it in public to let go of my dependence on others for my self image. It’s either I do this or I walk around the metro wearing a dress and a dildo strapped between my legs trying to pick up girls. You’re reading this so you know I didn’t pick the other one. I’m such an ungrateful bastard at the end of this post you’ll come to a conclusion that I’ve been blessed more times than any fictional character and I still complain like a bitch because of the 2-3 things that don’t go according to plan daily.

Useful Advice

  1. Make a record of events in your life. Write down your goals and record the progress.
  2. Eventually you will reach where you want to go. You won’t notice it as you move forward. Only after the time has passed.
  3. Be prepared to let go of what you are afraid to lose.

The rest is me talking to myself in the future. You can skip the next part.

Since you began to write in 2009 and began to blog in 2010 you have began to make a record of your life. You have reached most of your goals.

  1. You got your first iOS device and mastered how to use it.
  2. You got your andrioid device.
  3. You got to learn how to explain things well like your old mentors in sales.
  4. You build a good amount of money as an emergency fund.
  5. You’ve freed up a nice amount of expenses. You live comfortably on the minimum of your budget and enjoy rather luxurious delights at reasonable intervals.
  6. You’ve learned how to cook.
  7. You’ve built a kitchen of your own complete with tools that you once only envied.
  8. You started with a piece of paper, upgraded to a usb then your own laptop then an ipod touch then an android device then you have a badass laptop and an iPad mini and the iPhone you’ve been dreaming about when you started you’re using it now.
  9. You have 4 blogs that reach 8000 viewers monthly.
  10. You’re finally talking to your dad after all the past conflict.
  11. You can lose 20lbs of fat if you need to in 4 weeks or less.
  12. You can bench 220lbs.
  13. You got yourself all the running shoes you couldn’t afford to buy in the past.
  14. You upgraded to a big ass bed.
  15. You received a guitar as a gift.
  16. You received a grill and oven as a gift.
  17. You traveled countless times.
  18. You didn’t die when she left
  19. God sent magical angels at the right time to ensure you lived.
  20. You got backstabbed enough times to learn that you can overcome many challenges.
  21. You lost a lot of people you cared about but moved forward.
  22. Naruto is now fighting alongside Sasuke against Uchiha Madara.
  23. You don’t really smoke anymore.
  24. You’ve gotten some of your powers back.
  25. You never stopped learning and growing. Even with a defeated mindset on auto pilot you moved forward and pushed through.
  26. God sends opportunities, resources and people at the right times in your life.

And after looking at this list try to convince me that you won’t succeed? Try to convince me that God still doesn’t favor you. Side note. If God was against you a flick of his finger can destroy the planet(Son Goku, DragonBall Z reference) . Thinking of your death will result in your death without the need to write it down (Deathnote reference). You’ve become a two man team (Naruto and Kurama reference). You don’t need that girl anymore, you draw your power from God and you draw it abundantly that your fist bump gives power to others (another Naruto reference).

Here are some things that are inevitable possiblilities in the future.

  1. Abs. I’ve been working out regularly and eating better and better food. This won’t take long.
  2. Paper Investments. I don’t see myself as an investor. I see myself as a collector of money and investment accounts.
  3. Independent self employed income. I started making a little money selling food and I understand a little more about doing business. I want to eventually no longer need an employer.
  4. Learning how to play the guitar. This, next to cooking had kicked my ass a lot.
  5. Dance lessons. I understand that being awesome involves understanding different concepts. I see dancing as a weakness I never touched up on but is generally important because it will improve my other skills like communication, martial arts, coordination and posture. Dancing will improve my ability to learn new things.
  6. Learning another language. Another way to communicate and express yourself increases your possibilities in a large number of ways. You already mastered two. A third one would be nice.
  7. A God powered partner that understands your strategies and cooperates or someone who is better at everything. So far my strategy works but despite that people with lower level results don’t understand it of fear using it. I don’t mind people disagreeing with me as long as they have better results than I have.
  8. Longer range travel. It’s one of the perks of your minimalist lifestyle that you haven’t mastered yet. Time to do it while you don’t have a kid yet.

As things move forward all you need to do is enjoy your life. Live your purpose. Always pray and thank God for everything you enjoy and hate. Always remember that a game where all opposition have one life and one damage and there are only a few monsters per level is incredibly painful especially if you have fifty more years to go. Challenges are there to keep games interesting. God designed this game to have moments where you almost die but don’t to bring out the best in you. Monsters will be hard to kill and painful to fight but we all know how you respond to these. You smile and face it like a maniac. Every painful experience you had in the past few years is God teaching you how to take a hit. Notice how your lifebar never went to zero? Why do you think that happened? Notice how you made with people at the right time when you were about to go crazy and you used your worst conversation starters? Noticed how one of them forced you to watch How I Met Your Mother to teach you that life moves forward? Notice how one of them pulled you to God when you were on your way to abandon him. God is real and he moves in your life even when sometimes you don’t want to believe in him. He understand’s that it’s the pain talking. He taught you how to take a hit because your inner demons are powerful but you need to face the fact that you are also powerful and that through him you can do anything. You have demon slayer abilities. You are God powered. Your iPad is named God is Faithful because despite your love hate relationship with God, he never gave up on you. That’s the first quality God has that you acquired and that’s why you suffered her departure. But enough about that.

This is just me stating facts. Maybe a bit dramatically. This is to let you know how I am now so you can remember if you ever forget. Look at the list. Add to the list how far you’ve come and tell me I’m wrong. You’re biggest fear about going to prison because you beat someone up during a fight or you dying broke and in the streets is not happening. Move forward as you always have.

Here’s a fistbump Kevin of the future and my beloved blog reader.

Kevin and God from May 2014

Thank you for reading.

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