Here’s a checklist of areas in my living space that needs to be cleaned.

Top of Desk

Top of desk needs to be clear of clutter.

Every item now has a home. Bring the items home.

Charging Drawer

Are you charging anything?

If not, put all visible chargers inside the charging drawer.


Bags you uses needs to be emptied when home.

Bags you don’t use regularly will be used for transporting items between rooms so they will still be used and avoid deterioration.

Launch Drawer

This drawer will be the home of items you take regularly.

  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Pen
  • Tissue

Portable CrossFit Box

Cycling Drawer

This drawer contains all my cycling related items.

  • Bike pump.
  • Cycling tools.
  • Spare Tire Tubes
  • Cycling Gloves
  • Small Cycling parts.


All shoes will be placed in the shoe rack.


Older backup clothes will be placed in the car and can be sacrificed in case of emergency.

Older clothes will be used thoughroughly until end of life status.

All clothes will be placed in the drawer.


Papers should be placed inside the filing cabinet.

Papers being processed will be placed in the inbox tray.


Place events in Calendar.


Place emergency and survival items inside car.

Thank you for reading.

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