Just some thoughts on today’s meditation.

Even God has haters.

The creator of the universe has people arguing against his existence.

There are groups of people fighting for their right to not believe in God or any god.

Jesus was betrayed by both Peter (the rock which the Catholic Church is established) and Judas.

Jesus was crucified.

Prophets were murdered for their message.

The wise advisors of kings and emperors were put to death.

It’s all normal.

It’s all part of the design of our story.

So when somebody’s expressing hate, just go about your business.

Continue doing what will bring you the highest good.

When you’ve accumulated enough, share what you can when you can.

Take care of yourself first.

Then extend the blessings to others out of abundance.

Direct all the love and blessings to you.

Just accept the hate as part of life.

Just as spaces between the words of a sentence.

No point in being bothered by it or expending valuable time and energy defending yourself from it.

Thank you for reading.

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